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Welcome to EarlyChurch.co.uk
This website offers a variety of courses run by Russell Jefford on various people and topics from the Early Church period (c.100-500 AD).

My perspective is that the study of the people, writings and events of this period is not merely of academic interest, but if approached in the right way can also act as a catalyst for your own spiritual journey today.

In essence, the courses offered on this site aim to provide not just education on, but inspiration from, the past.

Why come to a course?
There are at least three good reasons...

An icon of the council of Nicaea - Emperor Constantine points to the Creed (in Greek)
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  • Appreciation of Tradition
    It's good to know your roots. In the evolution of what is now considered as traditional, what ideas were accepted/rejected and why?  

  • Personal Inspiration
    The writings of the period are rich with metaphors & analogies which provide an ideal contemplative focus. Each course provides a chance to engage personally with the ideas & concepts presented.  

  • Christ and Culture
    The issue of communicating Christ to contemporary culture has never been easy. However, the spread of Christianity in the first few centuries is testimony to the success of the earliest Christian thinkers. What can be learnt from their approach?

Stay in Touch
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